Instant Profit Funnels by Mark Wightley – launch, review and bonuses

Product: Instant Profit Funnels

Author: Mark Wightley

Price: $6.95

Website: click here

Recommended? ABSOLUTELY!

What is Instant Profit Funnels?

The biggest difference between you and another marketer who makes shit loads of money is that they know how to do email marketing properly. Instant Profit Funnels will teach you exactly how to become one like that – someone who will make lots of money by selling low cost front end product and manages to send the buyers through the funnel to convert into high ticket buyers.

Look, there is psychology involved here. Once you learn these secrets, you will be able to make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from a single customer. It’s all about offering a deal that is better than the last … and that compliments the last one as well.

But then again, by buying Instant Profit Funnels, you are not getting just one product, Mark Wightley will also give you his TOP CONVERTING Email Cash Funnel system. They are both brilliant step by step guides on how to get your visitors from buying your low cost front end products to buying your high ticket products.

There is different between selling 100 low end products at $27 each and selling 100 low end products at $27 + rest of the funnel where price is steadily increasing. Instant Profit Funnels will teach you how to sell your funnel products at a higher price wher you can sell several products from $27 (or whatever is your lowest) to $997 (or whatever is your highest).

This can be done if you put Instant Profit Funnels into use … a good use.

Who is Mark Wightley?

Mark Wightley is internet marketer, who, exactly like me, started making money by getting visitors via Google. Back in a day, it was so much easier to make money through SEO. Mark is still making nearly 5 figures through his websites. He has created several products, Google Cash Explosion, Google Cash Explosion 2.0, Google Cash Explosion 3.0, Email Cash Funnel and now Instant Profit Funnels. His products are selling and people are actually putting his products into a good use.

Mark’s internet marketing journey began a few years ago. When his parneter got pregnant with their second kid, Mark looked for a better paid job and eventually started making money online. Within half year he had dozens of sites and he was making more money than his offline job.

Any Instant Profit Funnels bonuses?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, Mark Wightley will throw his best selling product called Email Cash Funnel which actually complements the Instant Profit Funnels.

And as always, you will get 2 bonuses from me – my short and concise guide called SEO Online Profits where I tell people how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month. It is not sold anywhere or given for free in exchange for your email.

Another bonus which could be worth thousands of dollars – drop a message over Skype or Email and I will respond to your query – anything SEO related goes. This can save you thousands of dollars or more if you do something wrong and fuck your business up. I will respond either directly or create a video or blog post addressing the issue(s).

Just don’t forget – to get the 2 bonuses of mine, you need to buy through my link (or any other link on this post).

3 Figure Rockstar by Jeremy Kennedy – launch, review and bonuses

Product: 3 Figure Rockstar

Author: Jeremy Kennedy

Price: $17

Website: click here

Recommended? HELL YEA!

What is 3 Figure Rockstar?

3 Figure Rockstar is a product released by Jeremy Kennedy. It is said that video marketing, especially using YouTube, is one of the best ways to advertise your business. No wonder why so many marketers are using YouTube. Not only do they use YouTube for advertising purposes, they also use it to make free videos and make sales.

YouTube is the second largest search engine (right after Google, obviously). YouTube is so big, there is a video for about everything. 3 Figure Rockstar will teach you how to use it to your advantage. This will make you a true rockstar.

So, what are the ways to make money through YouTube? 3 Figure Rockstar will show you exactly how Jeremy Kennedy is pulling hundreds of dollars every single day. There are several ways – CPA offers, affiliate offers, your own products, business leads generation and more …

Who is Jeremy Kennedy?

Jeremy Kennedy is internet marketer and entrepreneur who has released several products already. Most of his products get features on Warrior Plus, which means, they are best selling products that day. Jeremy has sold most of his products in volumes of thousands. I can guarnatee that 3 Figure Rockstar will have the same fate – it will be featured as Deal of the Day (formerly known as WSO of the Day or WSOTD).

Any 3 Figure Rockstar bonuses?

While 3 Figure Rockstar does not offer any official bonuses, you will get great bonuses from me! First of all, let’s talk about that SEO Online Profits report that I wrote specifically as a bonus if you buy this product through my link (or any other link on this page for that matter). This guide is not for sale or given away for free in exchange of your email. This guide is only available if you buy 3 Figure Rockstar.

The second bonus is even better! Just email me or drop a message on Skype with any query or questions regarding SEO and I will respond to it as soon as I can. I will either respond directly to you or create a blog post or video answering your question. How can this be worth thousands of dollars? Well, if you fuck up your business website, it can be worth more than ten grand. SEO can be tricky at times and I will do my best to give you advice you need from my 10 years experience in doing SEO and making nearly $1 million over a decade through SEO alone.

3 Minute Journals by Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum – launch, review and bonuses

Product: 3 Minute Journals

Authors: Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum

Price: $27

Website: click here

Recommended? Absolutely!

What is 3 Minute Journals?

3 Minute Journals, as title suggests, allows you to create appealing journals under 3-4 minutes. The idea behind these journals is to sell them using Create Space website. People are always looking for such journals. Why people buy them I hear you ask … well, these journals help people getting to know themselves. For example, I like to keep my own daily journal, writing what I did during the day, tracking my own productivity. My journal headings are nothing fancy, just a date of the day (for example, 13th June, 2016). Yup, I have entire journal of 366 pages! Half of it is already filled!

So, 3 Minute Journals will allow you to easily and quickly create such journals. All you need really is a heading and leave the page empty. You can do it fairly quickly in Word document but would it take you 3 minutes? No, more like half an hour. It is not as convenient as using 3 Minute Journals which, literally, takes 3 minutes. How does 3 Minutes Journals software work exactly? Well, all you need to do is fill in text field, you can duplicate the headings, add blank pages if you need to, and that’s it. Then you can actually either save the project or you can export it into Word document. It’s that easy!

If you opt-in for a little more, Amy and Debbie will also teach you how to create nicely looking book covers. These journals are very popular and can be easily sold on Create Space. The best part is that there are dozens of ideas you can generate. Amy and Debbie will teach you how to come up with more ideas that will snowball into even more ideas.

So, who are Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum?

Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum have been into writing and publishing business for quite a few years now. They have released dozens of products that sell well. Around 40 products that are all about writing, researching, publishing and marketing your own books. If Amy says that something sells, that means exactly that! I do strongly believe that she knows what she’s talking about, especially when she has background in deverse areas such as film production, writing, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Any 3 Minute Journals bonuses?

While this product does not offer official bonus, I, as always, offer you my amaze-balls offer. You probably already know the kind of bonuses I provide if you bought stuff from me!

First bonusSEO Online Profits! It’s a short report that tells you how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month from SEO alone. I made nearly $1 million in the past decade.

Second bonus that could be worth thousands for some – my SEO advice for you and your business. All you need to do is drop me a message on Skype or email and I will get back to you either directly or I will create a blog post or video so everybody can use the advice.

In order to receive these bonuses, you will need to buy this product trough my links (either this link or any other link on this page).

iGloo App by Josh Ratta – launch, review and bonuses

Product: iGloo App

Author: Josh Ratta

Price: $67 – $97

Website: click here

Recommended? ABSOLUTELY

What is iGloo App?

iGloo App is the newest tool that will help you launching your own product or business. In order to run a product properly, you need to build landing pages, upsell pases, bridge pages, pre-launch pages, JV pages to recruit affiliates. This, for me, is a very daunting task. However, iGloo App is set to make this task actually enjoyable!

In fact, iGloo App is probably the first such powerful tool. It is drag & drop kind of page builder that allows you to control every single aspect and element of your page, add animations and other crazy cool effects that make your pages perfect. iGloo App allows you to change colours, add sections, bonuses, create actual funnels and connect them. It will also allow you to change colours, images, icons and more. Are you bored of a single-coloured-column? Make it gradient! It’s that simple! Much simpler than using Photoshop and trust me, I tried to crack the Photoshop … I just couldn’t!

Best part is that iGloo App comes with some templates that are proven to convert incredibly high! If you opt for monthly deal, you will be getting new templates every single month! Also, iGloo App comes with incredibly large library of icons (and you can change colour of each one of them), effects, animations, etc … this is, by far, THE EASIEST product launcher there is! It is so easy to learn … it also comes with tutorials on how to use it!

iGloo App comes with the abilty to export the page to HTML or WordPress (works with any theme). You can also integrate with Aweber, GetResponse and others … so if you are launching your product without iGloo, you are doing it WRONG!

Who is Josh Ratta?

Josh Ratta is internet marketing expert, laucnhing product with funnels that convert like crazy! Josh Ratta is also respoinsible for doing 5 figure product launch promotions as affiliate marketer. Josh knows exactly how to do proper product launches that will convert high!

Therefore, iGloo App is perfect, created by a master himself who knows how it works like a back of his hand! iGloo App is set to rock and it will deliver exactly what you need – highly converting pages that will MAKE YOU MONEY (although, how much you will make depends on how much effort you put in, therefore, I cannot guarantee anything).

Any iGloo App bonuses?

While iGloo App does not offer bonus, I think that the tool itself is like a gift from Gods. Just imagine how it will help you out? No more annoying photoshop! However, I will give you my bonus, if you buy throug my link (or link above).

I will give you my “SEO Online Profits” report that tells you exactly how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month via SEO alone! This report is NOT for sale or given away for your email address. This report is only avilable as a bonus if you buy iGloo App through any of the links on this page.

Oh, not to mention, drop any question/query to my email or Skype and I will respond. I will either create a blog post, YouTube video or reply directly. Queries must be SEO related though … I may not be able to answer any othe question(s).

Audience Press by Rash Vin, Gary Alach & Gobala Krishnan – launch, review and bonus

Product: Audience Press

Authors: Rash Vin, Gary Alach & Gobala Krishnan

Price: $27 (single domain), $37 (unlimited domains)

Website: click here

Recommended? Absolutely!

What is Audience Press?

Audience Press is a brand new WordPress plugin that allows its users to cloak and shorten URLs, redirect visitors, analyse traffic, retarget visitors across the web and so much more.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins, however, none of them offer everything in one place – there are cloakers but they will not allow you to retarget visitors based on your certain criteria. There are retargeting plugin but they won’t allow you to cloak our URLs. And you know what wrong with these plugins? You pay a lot of money to get them all or you go for monthly payments.

Audience Press is different – during its launch you can get this WordPress plugin for only $27 for a single domain or $37 for unlimited domains (this is the best option!). Audience Press offers these as well:

  • cloaking and shortening URLs
  • retargeting
  • analysing traffic (almost as if having Google Analytics at your disposal)
  • redirecting certain visitors wherever you prefer
  • many more …

These are just a few features of probably hundreds of  features offered by Audience Press. This is one of the greatest, most powerful and most useful plugins you will ever come across!

Who is Rash Vin, Gary Alach & Gobala Krishnan?

These 3 people got fed up with current cloaking and retargeting plugin so they created their own – Audience Press. Before the launch of this product, they were (and I am sure they still are and will be) crushing many launches by placing in top 10 affiliates for product launches such as eCom subscription Pro and many others.

Rash, Gary and Gobala united and created something remarkable, Audience Press has no rivals as of date and probably not going to have any time soon.

Audience Press bonuses

Audience Press product offers free training on how to install, set up and how to best use of produt. Here, at Product Hustler, I am also offering you an amazing bonus – SEO Online Profits. In this report I teach people how I make 4 ot 5 figures every single month from SEO alone. This guide is NOT FOR SALE or given away for your email address. This guide is only available if you purchase Audience Press through this link (or any links on this post, actually).


Live Leap by Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison

Product: Live Leap

Authors: Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison

Price: $67-$97

Website: click here

Recommended? Bloody yea!

What is Live Leap?

Imagine being able to go live on Facebook and being syndicated across several Facebook groups and profiles at once … well, this is not possible at the moment unless you have several different devices to film you. Worry not though, Live Leap is set to annihilate this problem!

Look, Live Leap is cloud based product that will allow you to syndicate your video to many Facebook groups and many Facebook profiles as you go live. With a little upgrade it will also syndicate your videos across Twitter, LinkedIn and even send emails and text messages to your list!

It is no secret that video is the greatest selling tool and by going live only on one stream you are either losing a lot of prospects by not going live on other streams or losing a lot of time doing the same live video on other streams. I am sure you understand what I am saying – Live Leap will save you a lot of time and the tool also has very convenien chat system to allow all of your viewers to interact with you!

Oh, not to mention, Live Leap is also the FIRST FACEBOOK APPROVED tool that allows you legally syndicate the video. This is not something that would make you look dodgy, in fact, this is THE NEXT BIG THING across internet marketing. We had article marketing craze, facebook ads craze, now this will make the next craze … the Facebook Live craze!

Who are Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison?

Any great tool is great as long as they are not being developed by dodgy and not trusted developers. Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison are exactly opposite! Anthony Morrison is a businessman from early age. As early as 7! He had to sell candies door to door to afford to buy jacuzzi. He started his first company when he was 21. To this day, Anthony Morrison has created another additional 11 companies including charity and book publishing. Together with Luke Maguire, they both decided to create the next big thing in the internet marketing field. I strongly believe they will succeed and that Live Leap will be the next craze for marketing through Facebook.

Any Live Leap bonuses?

Live Leap offers no bonuses, except that you will be trained how to make best of Facebook Live feature. You already know that the best way to sell is through video, this is exactly what you will learn besides the Live Leap product!

$50,000 in 90 Days Challenge by Fergal Downes

Product: $50,000 in 90 Days Challenge

Author: Fergal Downes

Price: $12.95

Website: click here

Recommended? Given Fergal’s history, ABSOLUTELY!

What is $50,000 in 90 Days Challenge?

It is exactly what the product name says – challenge yourself to making $50,000 in 90 days. “But how and where do I start?” I hear you ask. Good question indeed. $50,000 in 90 days challenge is not just a challenge, it is more like a guide with detailed instructions as to where and how to start. This will be educating, entertaining and massively fun challenge that even I will be participating in … because … why the fuck not?

Look, $50,000 in 90 days challenge is not going to be a product which tells you to click on this or that or review this and that. These pay peanuts, trust me, I have done that before and it ain’t no fun! In this product you will learn all about creating your own products, creating you own lists and selling your products and affiliate products. Will you have to learn all the marketing stuff? No, $50,000 in 90 days challenge will teach you how to recruit JVs and affiliates to actually promote your product for you! Imagine, you create a product and allow other people do the marketing bit; is this not the best way of living? Even if you make $3,000 / mo profits from one product (which, trust me, is very possible), by creating one such product a month you will create financial freedom within a year! Imagine being able to make $30,000 – $100,000 / month? What kind of house and car could you afford? I know that I will drive Maserati Ghibli. It’s not a question of “If” … it’s a question of whether within 1 year or sooner ­čÖé

Who is Fergal Downes?

Fergal Downes is one of the greatest internet marketers and he also joined the same challenge when he was completely new to internet marketing. He almost made it – he made $50,000 in 104 days. While this would be considered as challenge incomplete, I would still wanna hear how he did it. I mean, $50K in 104 days sounds great, it’s just 3 months and 2 weeks to be exact.

Anyway, Fergal Downes will teach you how he made $50K in 104 days and he will give you resources and all you need to make you make $50K in 90 days. Look, back in a day, it was quite a new challenge, he had certain gaps and there probably were not a lot of training provided within the challenge so you will receive what Fergal needed in order to finish his challenge in time!

Give Fegal Downes‘ product history (21 Deal of the Day awards and other daily awards on other platforms such as JVZoo and new warrior payment system), it is clear that this product is set to rock! You cannot go wrong with buying from a guy who has had so many awards …

$50,000 in 90 days challenge bonus

While this product does not have any bonuses, it is very important to understand that this challenge is like a hidden bonus. Not only will you be able to make $50,000 in 90 days or less but you will also be able to repeat it over and over again and since each “challenge” will give you passive income, the more challenges you do, the higher passive income you create! It’s like this saying: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Yes, Fergal will teach you the latter!

Now, go and get this challenge and participate together with me!

reddiTraffic by Ali G. – launch, review and bonuses

Product: reddiTraffic

Author: Ali G.

Launch: 1 June, 2016

Price: $37


Recommended? Absoultely!

What is reddiTraffic?

Imagine being able to extract hot and trending topics on social network called reddit and build content around it with a push of a button. Well, reddiTraffic allows you do that! Not only that, it is “set it and forget it” kind of software which means you set up campaign once and the software will do all the work day in, day out. It is on a complete auto-pilot. Your viral and trending content worries will end with this software.

So, why reddit? Reddit is one of the largest social networks. Whatever trends on reddit is a sure sign for marketers and bloggers to create content around it. Lucky for us, reddiTraffic will do this automatically for us. The reddiTraffic will also create content and re-word it using its very clever and smart intelligent tool which was specifically developed for this purpose. The content will be search engine friendly so content will rank on its own.

Who is Ali G.?

Ali G. is an ex Wall Street trader who turned into internet marketer and started helping business owners and other entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. He, together with his partner Marcus Lim, have developed various courses for marketers as well as award-winning tools and software for marketers to use. Their product line includes tools such as Social Interest Freak, Tweet Freak and Power Freak Club. I am very sure that reddiTraffic will be the next big thing amongst marketers, bloggers and content curators.

reddiTraffic bonuses

Unfortuantely, reddiTraffic offers no bonuses, however, the software itself is a bonus! There is no such software that can extract summaries from reddit, reword it and out it onto your blog on complete auto-pilot.

If you really wish to get your very own bonus, order through this link (or the one above) and receive Product Hustler’s amazing package called “Product Hustling Bundle” including 9 eBooks about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, becoming authority, creating own products, etc …

Webinar JEO by Walt Bayliss – launch, review and bonus

Product: Webinar JEO

Author: Walt Bayliss

Launch: 30 May, 2016

Price: $297/year


Recommended? HELL YAH!

What is Webinar JEO?

Webinar JEO is a stand-alone software that allows you to have your own webinar event. The software has many features such as showing yourself in the video as if the event took place on a real stage. It is very interactive, your attendees can easily interact with you on a chat and softrware runs truly smoothly.

You can also quickly switch to the on-screen video which shows everything that is on your computer or whatever you wish to show, for example, you can switch to white-boards. The software allows you to draw … live! Webinar JEO was developed┬á by Walt Bayliss. There are “Go To Webinar” and similar projects but they are not as good as Webinar JEO. Webinar JEO works smoothly with hundreds and thousands of attendees.

This is not a plugin that requires Google Hang Outs. This is not WordPress plugin that requires WordPress. Webinar JEO is a stand-alone software that requires nothing else! Here are a few more features:

  • Fully hosted (no need hosting)
  • Unlimited attendees
  • Turn off/on sound
  • Switch between camera and white-baords
  • Payment system integration (JVZoo, PayPal, etc …)
  • Make attendees chat administrators to help you go through the chat (prune spam, etc …)
  • Mute certain users (those who misbehave)
  • Many more being added …

Who is Walt Bayliss?

Walt Bayliss is a marketer who is very talented and has experience in doing massive product launches. His products such as RunClick has amazing sales and feedback, no surprise that Webinar JEO will be the same, in fact, it will be even better!

Walt Bayliss is a professional software developer and online entrepreneur who is lucky enough to make money online. He runs several hugely successful products besides RunClick – GoJEO, Hydravid (video marketing software), Lead Geyser and some more. Webinar JEO will not be any different – Webinar JEO will be epic software for your business.

Webinar JEO bonuses

The best thing about Webinar JEO is the product itself – it has no rival that is half equal to Webinar JEO. Not to mention, the product also provides at least half year worth of training in closing high ticket sales.

So first “official” bonus is the system that will teach you how to successfully set up webinar with no product.

Another bonus – 5 Done For You Ever-Green Webinars For You – so you just use these webinars.

Hydravid – video syndication software developed by Walt Bayliss that sells like a hot cake. The software sells for $97!

The JV Method – training course on how to get JVs lined-up without a product!

A very special bonus from Product Hustler!

Buy through this link (or the one above) and get 9 eBooks about making money online! These eBooks alone are worth $300+, yours – FREE!

Expert Fame by E. Brian Rose – launch, review and bonus

Product: Expert Fame

Author: E. Brian Rose

Price: $97


Recommended? Absoultely!

What is Expert Fame by E. Brian Rose?

Expert Fame is a product developed by E. Brian Rose. The product will teach you how to become authority and expert in your niche … whatever the niche it might be. Experts, professionals and authorities are always needed so casual people in your niche can turn to them.

Expert Fame will teach you how to become authority and be followed by hundreds or even thousands of people on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others. This product will allow you to make money through affiliate offers or selling your own products. This is the best way to do internet marketing.

Just imagine being able to send an email and people just bjuy whatever it is you recommend. This is very possible with Expert Fame and this product will teach you exactly that!

Who is E. Brian Rose?

E. Brian Rose is co-founder of JVZoo, a platform where millions of people buy internet marketing products through. I am sure that even you, the reader, have bought some products through JVZoo. That being said, it is clear that E. Brian Rose knows his stuff, therefore, Expert Fame will be a no-brainer.

Expert Fame bonuses

Expert Fame offers no bonuses, however, the product itself is worth every single penny and then some more! The product comes from industry expert, the top guy who made millions online. The fact, that we can access the information from such person like E. Brian Rose, is a bonus alone. In my opinion, it is worth way more than $97!