3 Minute Journals by Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum – launch, review and bonuses

Product: 3 Minute Journals

Authors: Amy Harrop & Debbie Drum

Price: $27

Website: click here

Recommended? Absolutely!

What is 3 Minute Journals?

3 Minute Journals, as title suggests, allows you to create appealing journals under 3-4 minutes. The idea behind these journals is to sell them using Create Space website. People are always looking for such journals. Why people buy them I hear you ask … well, these journals help people getting to know themselves. For example, I like to keep my own daily journal, writing what I did during the day, tracking my own productivity. My journal headings are nothing fancy, just a date of the day (for example, 13th June, 2016). Yup, I have entire journal of 366 pages! Half of it is already filled!

So, 3 Minute Journals will allow you to easily and quickly create such journals. All you need really is a heading and leave the page empty. You can do it fairly quickly in Word document but would it take you 3 minutes? No, more like half an hour. It is not as convenient as using 3 Minute Journals which, literally, takes 3 minutes. How does 3 Minutes Journals software work exactly? Well, all you need to do is fill in text field, you can duplicate the headings, add blank pages if you need to, and that’s it. Then you can actually either save the project or you can export it into Word document. It’s that easy!

If you opt-in for a little more, Amy and Debbie will also teach you how to create nicely looking book covers. These journals are very popular and can be easily sold on Create Space. The best part is that there are dozens of ideas you can generate. Amy and Debbie will teach you how to come up with more ideas that will snowball into even more ideas.

So, who are Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum?

Amy Harrop and Debbie Drum have been into writing and publishing business for quite a few years now. They have released dozens of products that sell well. Around 40 products that are all about writing, researching, publishing and marketing your own books. If Amy says that something sells, that means exactly that! I do strongly believe that she knows what she’s talking about, especially when she has background in deverse areas such as film production, writing, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Any 3 Minute Journals bonuses?

While this product does not offer official bonus, I, as always, offer you my amaze-balls offer. You probably already know the kind of bonuses I provide if you bought stuff from me!

First bonusSEO Online Profits! It’s a short report that tells you how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month from SEO alone. I made nearly $1 million in the past decade.

Second bonus that could be worth thousands for some – my SEO advice for you and your business. All you need to do is drop me a message on Skype or email and I will get back to you either directly or I will create a blog post or video so everybody can use the advice.

In order to receive these bonuses, you will need to buy this product trough my links (either this link or any other link on this page).

reddiTraffic by Ali G. – launch, review and bonuses

Product: reddiTraffic

Author: Ali G.

Launch: 1 June, 2016

Price: $37

Website: redditraffic.com

Recommended? Absoultely!

What is reddiTraffic?

Imagine being able to extract hot and trending topics on social network called reddit and build content around it with a push of a button. Well, reddiTraffic allows you do that! Not only that, it is “set it and forget it” kind of software which means you set up campaign once and the software will do all the work day in, day out. It is on a complete auto-pilot. Your viral and trending content worries will end with this software.

So, why reddit? Reddit is one of the largest social networks. Whatever trends on reddit is a sure sign for marketers and bloggers to create content around it. Lucky for us, reddiTraffic will do this automatically for us. The reddiTraffic will also create content and re-word it using its very clever and smart intelligent tool which was specifically developed for this purpose. The content will be search engine friendly so content will rank on its own.

Who is Ali G.?

Ali G. is an ex Wall Street trader who turned into internet marketer and started helping business owners and other entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. He, together with his partner Marcus Lim, have developed various courses for marketers as well as award-winning tools and software for marketers to use. Their product line includes tools such as Social Interest Freak, Tweet Freak and Power Freak Club. I am very sure that reddiTraffic will be the next big thing amongst marketers, bloggers and content curators.

reddiTraffic bonuses

Unfortuantely, reddiTraffic offers no bonuses, however, the software itself is a bonus! There is no such software that can extract summaries from reddit, reword it and out it onto your blog on complete auto-pilot.

If you really wish to get your very own bonus, order through this link (or the one above) and receive Product Hustler’s amazing package called “Product Hustling Bundle” including 9 eBooks about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, becoming authority, creating own products, etc …