Live Leap by Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison

Product: Live Leap

Authors: Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison

Price: $67-$97

Website: click here

Recommended? Bloody yea!

What is Live Leap?

Imagine being able to go live on Facebook and being syndicated across several Facebook groups and profiles at once … well, this is not possible at the moment unless you have several different devices to film you. Worry not though, Live Leap is set to annihilate this problem!

Look, Live Leap is cloud based product that will allow you to syndicate your video to many Facebook groups and many Facebook profiles as you go live. With a little upgrade it will also syndicate your videos across Twitter, LinkedIn and even send emails and text messages to your list!

It is no secret that video is the greatest selling tool and by going live only on one stream you are either losing a lot of prospects by not going live on other streams or losing a lot of time doing the same live video on other streams. I am sure you understand what I am saying – Live Leap will save you a lot of time and the tool also has very convenien chat system to allow all of your viewers to interact with you!

Oh, not to mention, Live Leap is also the FIRST FACEBOOK APPROVED tool that allows you legally syndicate the video. This is not something that would make you look dodgy, in fact, this is THE NEXT BIG THING across internet marketing. We had article marketing craze, facebook ads craze, now this will make the next craze … the Facebook Live craze!

Who are Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison?

Any great tool is great as long as they are not being developed by dodgy and not trusted developers. Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison are exactly opposite! Anthony Morrison is a businessman from early age. As early as 7! He had to sell candies door to door to afford to buy jacuzzi. He started his first company when he was 21. To this day, Anthony Morrison has created another additional 11 companies including charity and book publishing. Together with Luke Maguire, they both decided to create the next big thing in the internet marketing field. I strongly believe they will succeed and that Live Leap will be the next craze for marketing through Facebook.

Any Live Leap bonuses?

Live Leap offers no bonuses, except that you will be trained how to make best of Facebook Live feature. You already know that the best way to sell is through video, this is exactly what you will learn besides the Live Leap product!