iGloo App by Josh Ratta – launch, review and bonuses

Product: iGloo App

Author: Josh Ratta

Price: $67 – $97

Website: click here

Recommended? ABSOLUTELY

What is iGloo App?

iGloo App is the newest tool that will help you launching your own product or business. In order to run a product properly, you need to build landing pages, upsell pases, bridge pages, pre-launch pages, JV pages to recruit affiliates. This, for me, is a very daunting task. However, iGloo App is set to make this task actually enjoyable!

In fact, iGloo App is probably the first such powerful tool. It is drag & drop kind of page builder that allows you to control every single aspect and element of your page, add animations and other crazy cool effects that make your pages perfect. iGloo App allows you to change colours, add sections, bonuses, create actual funnels and connect them. It will also allow you to change colours, images, icons and more. Are you bored of a single-coloured-column? Make it gradient! It’s that simple! Much simpler than using Photoshop and trust me, I tried to crack the Photoshop … I just couldn’t!

Best part is that iGloo App comes with some templates that are proven to convert incredibly high! If you opt for monthly deal, you will be getting new templates every single month! Also, iGloo App comes with incredibly large library of icons (and you can change colour of each one of them), effects, animations, etc … this is, by far, THE EASIEST product launcher there is! It is so easy to learn … it also comes with tutorials on how to use it!

iGloo App comes with the abilty to export the page to HTML or WordPress (works with any theme). You can also integrate with Aweber, GetResponse and others … so if you are launching your product without iGloo, you are doing it WRONG!

Who is Josh Ratta?

Josh Ratta is internet marketing expert, laucnhing product with funnels that convert like crazy! Josh Ratta is also respoinsible for doing 5 figure product launch promotions as affiliate marketer. Josh knows exactly how to do proper product launches that will convert high!

Therefore, iGloo App is perfect, created by a master himself who knows how it works like a back of his hand! iGloo App is set to rock and it will deliver exactly what you need – highly converting pages that will MAKE YOU MONEY (although, how much you will make depends on how much effort you put in, therefore, I cannot guarantee anything).

Any iGloo App bonuses?

While iGloo App does not offer bonus, I think that the tool itself is like a gift from Gods. Just imagine how it will help you out? No more annoying photoshop! However, I will give you my bonus, if you buy throug my link (or link above).

I will give you my “SEO Online Profits” report that tells you exactly how I make 4 to 5 figures every single month via SEO alone! This report is NOT for sale or given away for your email address. This report is only avilable as a bonus if you buy iGloo App through any of the links on this page.

Oh, not to mention, drop any question/query to my email or Skype and I will respond. I will either create a blog post, YouTube video or reply directly. Queries must be SEO related though … I may not be able to answer any othe question(s).

Audience Press by Rash Vin, Gary Alach & Gobala Krishnan – launch, review and bonus

Product: Audience Press

Authors: Rash Vin, Gary Alach & Gobala Krishnan

Price: $27 (single domain), $37 (unlimited domains)

Website: click here

Recommended? Absolutely!

What is Audience Press?

Audience Press is a brand new WordPress plugin that allows its users to cloak and shorten URLs, redirect visitors, analyse traffic, retarget visitors across the web and so much more.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins, however, none of them offer everything in one place – there are cloakers but they will not allow you to retarget visitors based on your certain criteria. There are retargeting plugin but they won’t allow you to cloak our URLs. And you know what wrong with these plugins? You pay a lot of money to get them all or you go for monthly payments.

Audience Press is different – during its launch you can get this WordPress plugin for only $27 for a single domain or $37 for unlimited domains (this is the best option!). Audience Press offers these as well:

  • cloaking and shortening URLs
  • retargeting
  • analysing traffic (almost as if having Google Analytics at your disposal)
  • redirecting certain visitors wherever you prefer
  • many more …

These are just a few features of probably hundreds of  features offered by Audience Press. This is one of the greatest, most powerful and most useful plugins you will ever come across!

Who is Rash Vin, Gary Alach & Gobala Krishnan?

These 3 people got fed up with current cloaking and retargeting plugin so they created their own – Audience Press. Before the launch of this product, they were (and I am sure they still are and will be) crushing many launches by placing in top 10 affiliates for product launches such as eCom subscription Pro and many others.

Rash, Gary and Gobala united and created something remarkable, Audience Press has no rivals as of date and probably not going to have any time soon.

Audience Press bonuses

Audience Press product offers free training on how to install, set up and how to best use of produt. Here, at Product Hustler, I am also offering you an amazing bonus – SEO Online Profits. In this report I teach people how I make 4 ot 5 figures every single month from SEO alone. This guide is NOT FOR SALE or given away for your email address. This guide is only available if you purchase Audience Press through this link (or any links on this post, actually).